Ministry Interview Questions

I recently was interviewed by a college student on assignment from a local college. Figured you might be interested.

Ministry Interview Questions

What are your favorite things about your ministry?

Seeing college students live as a devoted, committed disciples of Christ. To see men and women who magnetically display Christ’s love.

What is the most challenging part of your ministry?

The sacrifices you make. Financial sacrifices. Lifestyle sacrifices. Being on the radar because people look up to you.
What is the #1 help you have found in your ministry?

Being teachable in everything.
How do you with discipline (specifically in youth ministry)?

Not sure what this question is asking.
What is the most effective way you have found to get students to share their faith or invite non-Christians to church?
Through existing relationships and friendships.
Should money affect where you minister or how much effort you put into it?
Yes, you have to take care of your family. But you have to hear from the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the spirit goes beyond logic.

No, effort should be the same unless you have to get a second job, which would take away from the time you would have.
How do you avoid burnout?
Take care of myself. I do this through hobbies, personal devotion, rest, healthy lifestyle. Some other things are time with friends that you love, vacations, fresh vision, and reminding myself that I am making a difference.
How do you deal with conflict in the congregation?
Healthy confrontation and communication.
How involved should a minister be in the lives of his people?  What boundaries have you found helpful?
I guess it depends. A minister should obviously be involved in the lives of people. Hopefully, that is why they felt a pull to be a minister. I get close to people that I have a “divine flow” with and connect with in a natural way.  I can’t be close to everyone but I don’t think there is anything wrong with having close relationships with the people you lead. Jesus did it we should do it. However, my level of involvement varies with each person.

Boundaries: I don’t choose other people over my family. I’m never one on one with a female. I don’t answer my phone on my off day. Never. 

How does ministry affect your daily lives?
I don’t really understand the question. Ministry is my daily life. But I guess it affects it because there is no punch clock. I am a pastor everywhere I go at all times. I’m never really off unless I turn my phone off…which I do sometimes.

What do you feel is the greatest concern in your ministry?
People choosing what they want out of Christianity and calling it Christianity. This is dangerous. It’s a lukewarm Christianity.

What advice would you give for someone going into ministry?
Be extremely teachable and humble. Learn from others, even people who you don’t respect. Put your marriage and family first. Don’t let your ministry become your God. It’s not about you and it’s not up to you. God is in control. Learn how to be a great leader. Have several mentors. Let people challenge you.

How does ministering to this age group differ from others in the church?
They are a postmodern generation. They are skeptical, untrusting, diverse, accepting, and driven by their community of friends. You can’t just tell them what to do you have to let them experience it. Let them fail. Let them succeed. It’s totally different than older people. You have to love them not matter what and let them learn on their own sometimes. Let them experience what it feels like to be used by God.
In your opinion, what are the key ingredients to a successful youth or college ministry?

A great leadership team under you. The ability to unconditionally love people who aggravate you, fail you, and do stupid things. A great worship leader. A leader that can relate with the crowd. A simple discipleship plan. A clear vision.

What would you classify a win for the college ministry at new life?
A college student becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ. They choose Christ first. Servants heart. Humble. Produces true spiritual fruit. Unashamed about their commitment to God.
What specific needs does your age group have that must be addressed?

They are extremely hurt and skeptical of church leaders. So church leaders like myself must go above and beyond to communicate with words and actions that we have no agenda. Love is the agenda. We don’t like because of the money you can give or your republican vote. We love you because you are valuable. Period.
They also need avenues to be used by God. Opportunities to lead and be involved in social justice are huge. 

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